Oil Spill Info

The area surrounding the Gulf of Mexico has always been a popular tourist destination. The marine life is varied, the coastline amenities admirable, and the food superb. This is why the Gulf region is one of the top local destinations for cruise ships.

Immediately after the initial explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig operated by British Petroleum (BP) in April 2010, the effects of the resulting oil spill was not initially a matter of deep concern. However, as the oil continued to spew out of the rig months after it began to leak, earlier optimism started to fade, and cruise lines began to cancel trips to the region.

Not that they had to cancel a whole lot.

News of the environmental disaster had gripped the nation, and those who have lived generations along the coastlines watched helplessly as the oil relentlessly spread, eventually cutting off most water-based livelihood. Aside from the fishing, oyster farming, and shrimping, the oil spill put paid to the income of boat and dock owners who made a living servicing the flood of tourists that regularly came to the region. It wasn’t long before the flood dried up to a very slow trickle.

Inevitably, the sudden halt of tourist traffic into the area had devastating consequences on the businesses that depended on the continued attraction of the Gulf region. Many threw in the towel after it became clear that there would be no quick clean up, while others elected to hold on after making their oil spill claims, hoping the compensation would help them get back in the black.

Unfortunately, the BP oil spill claims process has run into several snags, even delaying the payouts to claims that have already been assessed and approved. Without the help of experienced business economic loss lawyers to press their claim, it is not inconceivable that BP may succeed in thoroughly mucking up the works for those with legitimate claims.

If you are experiencing difficulty in making a BP oil spill claim, it would be advisable to consult with a lawyer who has handled similar cases to explore your legal options. Currently, the BP-authored Deepwater Horizon Settlement agreement is in dispute, but there are ways to make a claim against BP and its partners outside the Settlement.

Since the Gulf of Mexico is a popular tourist attraction for cruise ships, big cruise lines have been starting to gain more passengers over the past few years after the oil spill has settled. Though passengers still are loyal to their cruise ship lines, there are incidents that have happened lately that may convince otherwise. In some reports from February 2013, there have been reports of engine fires which later ensued to a very poor environment for the ship’s passengers. No injuries were reported, but there could have easily been one in this situation. If anyone you know has been involved in an injury on a cruise ship, contact a cruise ship lawyer to learn more about filing a case against a cruise line.

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